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Sunny Hill Festival

Choose one of the most beautiful apartments in Prishtina to be accommodated during the days of SunnyHill Festival

All our Apartments have:

Beds & Linens
Self check-in
First Aid
WiFi 31 Mbps
Ethernet Cable
Coffee Machine
Air conditioning
Charger Adapter
Free Parking
Smoke alarm
No Smoking
Baggage Drop
Hot water
Bus Station
Netflix TV
YouTube TV

About SunnyHill Festival 2022

The biggest cultural event in Kosovo, “Sunny Hill“, returns this year after a two-year break, also we have thought for all those who want to enjoy the festival, to offer our apartments for SunnyHill Accommodation at very reasonable prices taking into account our quality.

The festival, which has made a lot of noise in previous editions, this year is expected to have a variety of activities and world-renowned artists.
Recently, the dates when exactly the festival will start, which this time will last four days, have been revealed.

In a post shared on social networks, the official website of “Sunny Hill” announces that the festival will be on August 4, 5, 6, and 7.

One of the organizers of “Sunny Hill”, Alban Kastrati, announced that the festival this year will be in the center of the region, of many countries in the world.
“Unable to reveal all the details, we can say that this summer Pristina will again receive all the attention of the region, Southeast Europe and many different countries of the world because we will have an edition of the festival which will be discussed and held. “I remember for a long time, from all those who will have the opportunity to experience it”, he said.

This year, unlike other years, the Festival will be held in lower Bernica, where the assembly has allocated 17 Hectares for 99 Years for the SunnyHill Festival.

priana Experience

Priana Apartments are only 20Km away from Prishtina Airport.

Priana Apartments are 115Km away from Skopje Airport.

Our Apartments are only 23KM away from where SunnyHill festival will take place.

No, we can not help you with this at the moment.

No, at the moment there is no bus line to Lower Bernice, the place where the Festival will be.

You can get there by taxi or by your own car.

No, Priana cannot accept parties.

No, it is not allowed at all, you should be only as many people as are allowed in the apartment.