Step into the comfort of this cozy 2BR 1Bath apt home just a few minutes away from Downtown Prishtinë. It promises a relaxing retreat ideal for those looking for a comfortable stay while being close to numerous restaurants, shops, entertainment, and attractions.


What this place offers

Beds & Linens
Self check-in
First Aid
WiFi 31 Mbps
Ethernet Cable
Coffee Machine
Air conditioning
Charger Adapter
Free Parking
Smoke alarm
No Smoking
Baggage Drop
Hot water
Bus Station
Netflix TV
YouTube TV

Workplace for Remote

Remote working is about working anywhere outside the workplace, a smarter way to work from home.

office kosova
monitor for office prishtina
office desk prishtina
did you know desk
office chair prishtina
fact office chair prishtina
foot rest prishtina
office kosova

Special Amenities

We aspire to continuously delight our guests with special amenities at the priana apartments.

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